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I have been working with Wheels on the Bus for over 3 years. From day one, the staff at Wheels on the Bus have treated me like family.  

Amber C, SLP

Amber C, SLP

"I have been working with Wheels on the Bus for over 3 years. From day one, the staff at Wheels on the Bus have treated me like family. The administrative staff and management go above and beyond to ensure communication and support to all employees, regardless of the time of day. I enjoy having the flexibility to create my own schedule and maintain work life balance, as this allows me to provide the best possible services to members and their families!" 

Michael, SLP

"I have worked at Wheels on the Bus since February of 2019.  I enjoy working with the management and front office staff. I believe with good management and a good front office a strong bond can be arranged with the employee.  Also, I enjoy that as therapists we are allowed to work state wide and provide services to areas that have difficulty in getting services."

Alyssa, SLPA

"I have been working for Wheels on the Bus since April of 2020. I started at this company during a global pandemic, which was a very stressful and timorous time. However, Wheels on the Bus continued to navigate me through this challenging time. Wheels on the Bus never fails to make me feel supported. They offer a great scheduling team, list of benefits, and the owner Colette is very kind and reasonable!"

Sarah, COTA

"I’ve been working for Wheels on the Bus for two years now and I could not ask for a better support system at work! The office does a great job of staying on top of everything and is very responsive. Anything I need from them gets taken care of quickly. I have enjoyed building up my caseload to a full-time schedule with amazing families that have been found by Colette and her team. The flexibility that has been offered to me by Colette has allowed me to have the work-life balance I always dreamt of. I truly couldn’t imagine working for any other company" 

John, SLPA

"I’m an SLPA for wheels on the bus. I’ve been working with Wheels for 4 years. I have zero plans to leave. The people at Wheels have allowed me to grow deep roots, not just within the company, but with clientele and the enjoyment for what I do. I have been given a lot of trust to do my job. I receive all the support I need from Wheels. I am supplied with work equipment regularly as needed. Payroll is always efficient, and our schedulers are as helpful as it gets. Wheels has also kept up in the pay department. When researching pay rates for SLPA,  it’s hard to beat Wheels. I know it sounds corny, but I really do enjoy working for Wheels. Of all my former employers, this is by far the best! I appreciate the trust they have in me and treating me so well."

Crystal, COTA

"I started with Wheels on the Bus as a young mom of a one year old who really needed schedule flexibility and competitive pay after having been out of a full time job for the last year. Wheels was a great option for both of these reasons, but what I wasn’t expecting was growing to love working here as much as I do now. I have now worked for Wheels for almost 8 years. The admin and management teams keep the systems running smoothly so that as a therapist, you can focus on providing high-quality therapy. The owner, Colette, who is also a therapist herself, is understanding, knowledgeable, and supportive of all of her staff. Most importantly, working for Wheels has given me the opportunity to work with some of the most amazing families I could have imagined."

Justine, DPT

"I have been working at Wheels on the Bus for almost 3 years now and it has been the greatest experience. Not only is Colette an amazing boss who cares about her employees, but she gives you the autonomy to uniquely treat your patients how you want and lets you choose your schedule while having flexibility to take time off or do make up sessions with patients. Because of this, I feel like I have the greatest work life balance without burnout which is often hard to come by with PT jobs. You also get to build rapport with families like no other since you are working with the same patients, often for years which makes this job both fulfilling and rewarding. I always heard that you had to sacrifice on pay for a job you want in pediatrics, but Wheels on the Bus has very competitive pay on top of everything else and I couldn’t be more thankful to have found this job that I truly love and enjoy!" 

Tracey, COTA/L

"I joined the Wheels on the Bus family in June of 2017 and have enjoyed my time with the company immensely.  Wheels on the Bus owner, supervising OTR's and admin staff have always been there to supported me. They repeatedly demonstrate compassion and a keen understanding of the how to navigate the administration side of therapy so that I can focus on planning and executing the best sessions for each kiddo.  This also allows me to grow my relationship with the kiddos and families. Wheels on the Bus is committed to work/life balance which keeps me sharp and ready for the kiddos I work with. I say work, but its not work at all because I feel heard and needed. I love working with all the kiddos and families on my caseload.  I will be with WOTB until I retire!"

Suzie, COTA

"I applied for Wheels on the Bus, not sure I wanted to do home health (I heard crazy stories) but wasn’t even a year out of school. I was 4 months pregnant, had a 3 year old, and really needed schedule flexibility. Colette (the owner) and I clicked immediately, even through email and especially in person. I was pleasantly surprised by the competitive pay. I wasn’t expecting to love working here as much as I do, the support I’ve received over the past 9+ years has been amazing. The systems in place are great. If you are one that wants/needs a lot of help they will do that or if you want to see your client and focus on that relationship, they are good with that too. I have gone in and out of being full time and am currently part time. The flexibility and acceptance are the best, especially for this mom of 6 kids!"

Jeremy, COTA

"Regarding providing therapy to clients in the home, there is nothing else like it. I’ve worked in schools and pediatric outpatient clinics in the past, and providing home therapy is by far my favorite. Being able to see kids within their home environments, understand the dynamics of their typical day, assist caregivers with problem solving, providing caregiver education as needed, and watching clients grow and develop new skills over time, is very rewarding. Another perk to working for Wheels on the Bus and seeing clients within the home is being able to get to know the caregivers, siblings, and pets as well! I feel very fortunate to have so many wonderful families that open their homes to me every week to provide Occupational Therapy services to their children." 

Cindy, SLPA

"I have been working for Wheels on the Bus for over a year now. Wheels on the Bus is the first company that kept their promise in caseloads. (As a single mom of three, this is very important) I was promised 32 clients and I got 37! Their office staff is AMAZING! Your questions are always answered in a timely manner, supportive and friendly. Wheels on the Bus is home to me, and I don’t plan on leaving!"

Trish, SLPA

"Since joining in February of 2016 as a Speech and Language Pathology Assistant, I have been consistently impressed with the supportive and nurturing environment that fosters personal and professional growth. The management team has been incredibly supportive and encouraging, throughout my journey. They have created an atmosphere where every individual’s idea and contribution are valued, making it a truly inclusive workplace. The work-life balance promoted by WOTB has had a tremendous impact on my overall well-being. The owner of WOTB genuinely cares about the well-being and success of each employee. This support has allowed me to perform at my best, both professionally and personally, and I am grateful for the positive impact it has had on my life."

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